The Collingwood Spirit



  1. Royal Sovereign – Emily O’Brien
  2. HMS Prince of Wales – J D Gunn
  3. Festive Overture – Dmitri Shostakovich
  4. Cloistered Cenotaph – H Trudgeon
  5. Pomp and Circumstance No. 3 – Edward Elgar
  6. Eine Kleine Yiddishe Ragmusik – Adam Gorb
  7. Disney Villains Medley – Healey, Baker, Mussorgsky and Menken
  8. Adoration – Florence B. Price
  9. Danzon No. 2 – Arturo Marquez
  10. Prelude on Lavenham – Geoffrey Nobes
  11. Out of Space – Thomas Doss
  12. Andromeda – Dan Price



“The Collingwood Spirit” MHP322 is the latest CD recording by the Band of HM Royal Marines Collingwood.

The Band fulfils over 300 ceremonial and concert commitments every year principally in the south of England. Band members are talented multi-taskers, all playing two or more instruments and they perform in many formats from the conventional Military Band through Big Band to Rock and Pop ensembles. This is in addition to maintaining their military skills ready for deployment whenever they’re needed.

The twelve tracks are an eclectic mix of traditional military music together with more modern compositions. Indeed, over half of the numbers have not been recorded before. These new works have been written or arranged for the Band by members of the Royal Marines Band Services or composers with a special arrangement with them. The more traditional numbers include works by the likes of Edward Elgar and Arturo Marquez and the ‘modern’ compositions include items from Geoffrey Nobes, Thomas Doss and Dan Price.  The programme certainly represents how the Band’s current audiences around the world hear them perform.

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