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Summon The Heroes


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  1. Liberty Fanfare
  2. Purple Pageant
  3. Militair Marsch
  4. Shrewsbury Fair
  5. Gladiators Farewell
  6. Morning, Noon & Night
  7. Ave Maria
  8. Fantasy on British Sea Songs
  9. Entry of the Gladiators
  10. Sing, Sing, Sing
  11. Stardust
  12. Sea Songs
  13. Invincible Eagle
  14. Summon the Heroes
  15. Lord of all Hopefulness
  16. The Ancient & Honourable Artillery
  17. Heart of Oak
  18. A Life on the Ocean Wave

Please note that this recording was made in August 2008 and is NOT the Decca recording released on the 14 November 2011. 

The Royal Marines School of Music is the professional headquarters of the Royal Marines Band Service and is responsible for all training, musical and military, of musicians and buglers for the Royal Navy. Whilst you can hear on this recording the high standards achieved at the School, probably less well-known is the military requirements placed on the Band Service by the Royal Navy. Throughout its long and varied history, musicians and buglers have always had a military role. Indeed, during the Second World War, one quarter of the musicians serving in the Naval Service lost their lives, whilst serving in the gunnery sections onboard HM Ships.


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